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The Library Catalog: FAQs

How to search the Library Catalog and locate items throughout Library Stacks.

Questions & Answers

Common questions about researching items through the Library Catalog and requesting them.

Where is the Library Catalog located? 

  • The Library Catalog can be found online at

How do I find articles from a particular journal title? 

  • Use the drop-down menu in the "Search Library Catalog" section to select "Periodical Title".  Next, type in the name of the journal and click search.  This will provide a list of both electronic and in-print links to the journal title (if the journal is owned by the library). The Electronic Resource link can be used to download an article from a database in which the journal is found electronically. 

The location of the item is "Hampden Stacks".  What is this and how do I get the item?

  • "Hampden Stacks" is the name of the storage unit that the library uses.  To have the book retrieved from storage and sent to the Main Library at the Anderson Academic Commons, please utilize the "Request It" link (or button), located towards the top of the screen that is displayed after clicking the book's title.  The book will then be delivered to the library (same day service) and you will receive an email at your DU email address when the item is ready to be picked-up.

How do I find books by a particular author?

  • In the "Search Library Catalog" section, utilize the drop-down menu and select "Author." Then type in the author's last name, a comma, and then the author's first name.  For example: Steinbeck, John. Click search to discover books and other items owned by the author. 

How do I find books by a particular title?

  • In the "Search Library Catalog" section, utilize the drop-down menu and select "Title."  Then type in the book's title and click search. 

How can I do a more advanced search?

  • There are two ways to conduct a more advanced search.  First, please locate the "Classic Catalog" link located under the "Books, Journals, & More" section. Then, click the "Advanced Keyword Search"  link and a screen with several drop-down menus will be displayed that can be used for a more advanced search.
  • Second, after you have conducted a keyword search in the Library Catalog you will see an "Advanced Search" link under the search box at the top of the page.  Click this link and a form containing drop down boxes will appear allowing you to add to your original search.

How do I search for physical course reserves?

  • Using the drop-down menu in the "Search Library Catalog" section, use either the "Reserves: Course" selection or the "Reserves: Professor" selection. 
  • To search for a particular course, type in the course name or the course number.  For example, MUAC 3521 (the course number) can be used to search, or Topics in World Music (the course name) can also be used.
  • To search with a professor's name, please use the professor's last name, a comma, and the professor's first name.  For example, Morelli, Sarah will provide results for Professor Sarah Morelli. 
  • For electronic reserves (articles, book chapters).