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Text Visualization: Voyant

Welcome! This guide will guide you in how and when to use text visualization tools in your research.

What is Voyant?

Voyant is an open source web based tool that does multiple types of text analysis used by the Digital Humanities community. 

Workshop Instructions

Obtaining a Corpus:
1. The first link is to Voyant, an open source Text Analysis tool. Open that link. The next one is where we will be getting our corpus from. The Presidency project is from the University of California Santa Barbara and they have a collection of all the President’s State of the Union addresses. Choose the speeches you would like to compare. I suggest comparing two speeches from the same president or two speeches from different presidents during their same time in office. For example, Obama and Trump’s first State of the Union Addresses. 

2. Open the page and simply copy and paste the text into your own word document. Save the file to your computer where you can easily find it. Repeat this for a total of two speeches. 

3. If you want to see only one document, you can copy and paste directly into the box and click 'Reveal.'

Analyzing the Corpus:

1. Go to the Voyant page. In the bottom left hand corner there is the ‘Upload’ button. This is where you can upload your corpus (those two documents). 

2. Look at all these options on one page! First, we see the word cloud. This program allows you to adjust the number of words shown.

3. In the middle we have the full corpus available to be read. If you scroll over the words, it will highlight them in yellow with the amount of times it is used in the corpus.

4. To the right we see a graph. This has the five most used words in the corpus graphed by segments of the speech. All of this can be modified. 

5. Below on the bottom right we have the most used words along with their placement within the documents.

6. To the left we have some analysis of the corpus itself. 

7. To change from viewing the corpus to viewing the individual documents, select ‘Scale.’ This changes only the section you are in, not the entire page, so keep that in mind. 

8. These are not the only tools available on the site. Where ever you see a question mark, there is a small sliding menu that appears that allows for you to export the section to imbed in a website or to screenshot for a paper, or to change the tool. The windows looking logo will produce a drop down menu with many other tools within it. 

Please take time to explore these other tools!