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Smartphone Industry Research Guide: Market Research


Statistical Sources

Market Research Reports

You will find the following report in Mintel:

  • Mobile Phones - US (March 2019)

There are also reports in which smartphones are mentioned: 

  • Attitudes Toward Gaming - US (March 2019)
  • Laptops, Desktops and Tablets - US (February 2019)
  • Digital Trends (Consumer) - US (March 2018) 
  • Digital Trends (Hardware) - US (September 2018)
  • Mobile Network Providers - US (May 2018)
  • Online Shopping - US - (2018)
  • Pay TV - US (November 2018)

Research Companies

Use an advanced Google search using one of the firms below to potentially find any reports they have published on a variety of topics:

Often you can find free information, although you may have to register in order to download a report.

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