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January 2015 Displays

We have three stimulating and educational displays for January!

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Guantanamo Bay

The new year is upon us! What better way to start the year than with a reflection on our past challenges, and a hopeful look at our potential futures. In light of the recent restoration of ties between the U.S. and Cuba, our main display for January addresses the lingering issue of Guantanamo Bay Cuba, a long standing American Territory most reknown for its use as an offshore prison. We hope that the material in this display will add to your historical understanding of US/Cuban relations, and provide a valuable context for one of the greater political issues of the day.  


Mini Displays

We have two mini displays this month!

- Space Technology -

We have a bright future ahead of us, but it invovles quite a lot of cold, dark, and micro-gravity! The space shuttle program may have been nixed, but NASA and other private space industries have taken to the skies in pursuit of the next great adventure, and the next big profit. It's time you were caught up on the theories and technological advances that have made the commercial space race a reality. 



- New Year's Resolutions -

It's that time of the year again, have you made any resolutions? Are you sticking by them? Perhaps you need some ideas? Regardless, this is the display for you. We know its hard to accomplish all those goals, particularly with so much studying to be had. Its always a good time to change your life, we hope that this display might offer you some routes to achieving those dreams. 

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