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Celebrating Books & More: Currently on Display

Find out more information about current book displays and find bibliographies of past book displays here!


Many of the resources in the book displays are available electronically!  Check out the bibliographies for more information.



February 2017 Displays

For the month of February, we've got loads of great books and movies on display.  We're looking up to stars and in our hearts. We're reading about death, sex, and money, and we're doing some of it in verse.  

Click on a PDF links below for the entire list of resources featured in this month's displays! 

Main Display

Death, Sex, & Money 

This book display exhibits three of the most common concerns: death, sex, and money. Based off the podcast series “Death, Sex, and Money,” hosted by Anna Sale, this booklist focuses on these three, often uncomfortable or avoided, topics of conversation. Browse through our guidebooks, novels, autobiographies, and more to discover various conversation on death, sex, and money. You’ll find books with themes ranging from coping with loss, saving money, having sex, getting rich, living life to the fullest, and much more.

Don’t have time to stop by the library? Check out some of the e-books and audiobooks we’ve selected for this booklist such as Rich by Thirty, Porn-ol-ogy, The Better Life Book: Lessons Learned on the Roads, The Glass Castle, and Sex, Money, Happiness, and Death: The Quest for Authenticity.

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Mini Displays

- The Stars Align -

Does Valentine’s Day have you seeing stars? Check out these star-studded books to find what the future has in hold for you! Learn the difference between astronomy and astrology. Read about how stars are born and die. Expand your mind with different conceptions of the universe and the cultural meaning of stars. Sit back and watch a space thriller. Fill your mind with stories of women in the space program. If you’re feeling romantic, try a young adult novel about star struck lovers. If you’re feeling heart broken, reach for the soothing balms of science. Whatever you are seeking, you can find it here among the stars!



- Poetry -

Poetry is the opening and closing of a door, leaving those who look through to guess about what is seen during a moment.”
—Carl Sandburg, Poetry Considered, in The Atlantic Monthly, March 1923

Poetry is more than just sappy love songs and heartbroken laments. Poetry is a way of expressing feelings and ideas in a completely unique way. These books of poetry, many of them National Book Award winners, approach the topics of life, love, hope, despair, and everything in between from entirely unexpected places – or maybe not. Expand your horizons and step into another’s shoes with these expressions in verse – you never know where they might lead.



DVD Displays

- Spike Lee - 

Spike Lee is an award winning director, screenwriter, producer of films and documentaries.  As an African-American, Lee explores the Black American experience.   His films confront stereotypes and his characters are richly written and memorable—often raising more questions than the film answers.  Lee’s breakthrough movie Do the Right Thing is set on the hottest day of the year in a New York neighborhood; racial tensions rise and ultimately lead to violence.  It is a controversial—and beloved—movie.  Check out this and other works by Spike Lee.  

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- Musicals -

It's January, and it's dark and cold and snowy here in Denver.  But don't worry about it.  This list aims to please a variety of musical tastes.  We've got everything from hip-hop to Disney to disco. Check out one of these hot numbers and you're guaranteed to start toe-tapping and humming along.

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- Francophone Africa - 

The French colonization of Northern and Central Africa started in the 1830s and lasted until the 1970s in some places.  As a result, the French language became entrenched in many African countries, alongside their own native language.   This colonialism and the period thereafter shaped African cinema in many ways.  Directors like the Senegalese-born Ousmane Sembène (one of African cinema’s revered forefathers) focused on the social upheaval facing many African countries.  Other directors like Algerian Merzak Allouache look at the conflict between the old and the new, the modern and the traditional.  Check out the variety of films on this list, and enjoy! 

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