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October 2014 Displays

We have three exciting displays for October!

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Native American Heritage

This month, we celebrate Native American Heritage. Explore the story of the Native Americans, and celebrate their myriad cultures with a variety of material covering everything to political movements, to archaeology. We hope that this display proves informative and serves to better your understanding of these cultures and their contribution to American history. 


Mini Displays

We have two mini displays this month.

-Veterans Day-

For the month of November, we’re honoring veteran's day with a display featuring a variety of material. We've got everything from Civil War history, to the personal accounts of the Iraq War, and everything inbetween. This is our way of showing respect while bringing you resources to expand your knowledge of the subject. Enjoy


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Black Friday is quickly approaching! Are you prepared?

Have you ever wondered how advertising influences our decision making, or why Walmart is so despised? Look no further! This Consumerism Display explores human consumption and the affects consumerism has had on world culture, particularly in the United States. 


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